Eastern Region Class 302 Electric Multiple unit

302 Parcels

The Class 302 units were introduced to the routes from London Fenchurch Street to Southend in 1959 and saw active service until 1998, despite more modern units taking over. These units also saw service on Great Eastern routes from Liverpool Street to Shenfield and Clacton.

The 302s ran on Gresley bogies (available from the N Gauge Society). Some units were refurbished in the 1980s and received B4 bogies.

Three units were rebuilt around 1988 as Parcels sets and two became used for Sandite work gaining a unique green and grey livery.

For added detail, this kit will feature a CAD-designed, resin-cast nose end with full pipe detail, as well as all the livery elements required and a card template panel for creating the pantograph well. A selection of appropriate destinations is included along with headcodes and end number panels.

Thanks to Paul Wade, Mark Franklin and Chris Parker for their assistance with the correct details for the Sandite unit.

BR Green
BR Rail Blue
BR Blue / Grey - Unrefurbished
BR Blue / Grey - Refurbished
Network SouthEast - (Light Blue)
Network SouthEast - (Dark Blue post 1988)
Sandite Grey / Green 302996 (3-car)
Royal Mail Red (with shutter doors - 3-car) (Pictured)

Price: 3-Car Units: £20.00, 4-car units £25.00 - this price includes cast ends