London Midland Region Class 310 EMU

The Class 310 4-car units were introduced in 1965 on the newly-electrified line from London Euston to Brimingham and Liverpool. Unlike contemporary Southern unitsl, the 310s were based around the Mark 2 bodyshell and were fitted with B4 bogies making them popular with travellers.

The 310s operated services until the late 1980s. Following introduction of newer Class 317 and 321 units, some of these units migrated to Great Eastern and LT+S services, whilst others were retained around Birmingham as 3-car sets.

The Electra kit consisst of our usual high-quality vinyl overlays to convert four Graham Farish Mark 2 coaches. These have been re-drawn to make use of the new high-quality clear vinyl and now feature no-smoking/ first class signs, headcode panels and and front windscreens.

A 6-page construction guide is included with plans for the unit underframes and roof vent positioning.

3D Printed cab ends are available from N-Train for £4.00 a pair. To order the ends, click HERE

Print at Home

The instruction guide is now available to download and print at home. Please deduct £2.00 from your order if you do not require printed instructions to be included.

310 N Instructions (PDF 1.15mb)

BR Rail Blue
BR Blue / Grey
Network SouthEast (Original) Pictured
Network SouthEast (Revised)
West Midlands PTE Grey / Blue (3-car)
Provincial Services (3-car)
Regional Railways (3-car)

Price: 3-Car Units: £16.00, 4-car units £22.00

To order, please drop me an e-mail.