Class 313 3-Car EMU Complete Kit

Announcing the first complete kit from N-Train and Electra


Class 313 in Network Rail Liveyr, built by Austin Milson.

313 Costway


The Class 313 EMUs were first introduced in 1976 on the Great Norrthern suburban lines from Moorgate and Kings Cross to Hertford, Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth. Most have worked this route ever since but some moved to the North London and Watford DC routes in 1987 and now work for Southern from Brighton on Coastway services. Considered to be the first modern EMUs on BR, these units have a long future ahead.

The 313 kit is now available to order from N-Train, featuring 3D Printed bodyshells, underframes, floorpans and a dummy pantograph. Electra vinyls are included for bodysides and driving ends.

The kit also comes complete with accurate Taylor Precision Models bogies.

The kit is unpowered but can be moturised with the Tomytec TM-18 chassis.


Available Liveries

BR Blue / Grey (Network SouthEast branding optional)
Network SouthEast (Early with light blue / BR Logo) - North London Lines Branding
Network SouthEast (Revised post-1988) - Great Northern Branding
Silverlink Metro Green / Purple / Yellow
First Capital Connect "Neon" Livery
Southern Coastway livery
Network Rail 313121
Ex - First Capital Connect Livery with Great Northern Branding

For more details and ordering, please contact N-Train

Future liveries to include Network Rail, WAGN and Silverlink with London Overground branding.


The 313 will be followed by the later variants of this design - Class 314 (Strathclyde), 315 (Great Eastern)