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Test Coach Mars


Test Coach Mars, as built by Oliver Abbott, using a Farish GUV bodyshell and cast EMU end. Superb job!


Converts Graham Farish Mk1 Suburban Open Second or Brake Second. Former Class 501 Driving Motor Brake Second.

Available in BR Blue/Grey livery with or without Network SouthEast branding (pictured)


Hitachi Traction System Verification Train (Former Class 310) - 960201

960 centre car

Converted in 2002, this train was used by Hitachi to test the traction packages for the forthcoming Class 395 "Javelin" EMUs on the UK network. The unit was converted from Class 310 vehicles and ran as a 4-car set with two pantograph cars in the centre.

After testing on the Eastern Region and CTRL, a former 4-VEP motor coach was substituted for one of the pantograph cars and testing on the South Eastern commenced from Ramsgate depot.

A full history can be found HERE

A great little train that can be used on modern OHL and 3rd rail layouts! 

Electra's kit comes with bodyside vinyls and cast resin ends. The AC version Requires four Graham Farish Mk2 coaches to complete. The DC version requires three Mk2 coaches and one Mk1 (for the VEP centre car).

4-car units £25.00 - this price includes cast ends - please check availability before ordering.

Network SouthEast 3rd Rail EMUs

062 Liquid Delivery Unit; 2-car ex-HAP EMU, NSE Livery- "The Sprinkler"
931002 Route Learning 2-car ex-HAP EMU (4 front windscreens), NSE Livery

2-car units £12.00