Eastern Region Class 307 Electric Multiple unit

The Class 307 was introduced to the London Liverpool Street - Southend Victoria line in 1956. originally built to run at the voltage of 1500vDC, the units were rebuilt in 1962 to 25kv/6.25kv, which resulted in the movement of the motor coach from the centre to the driving car.

These trains ran until 1990, when they were replaced by modern Class 321 units. A few units were transferred to Neville Hill Depot in Leeds for working local services to Doncaster, whereupon they received the smart red/cream livery.

The kit contains all the livery elements required and a cardboard panel for the pantograph well. This can be further improved with 3D-printed cab ends.

1956 BR Green with Lion & Wheel logo. 1500v DC Configuration (centre motor coach)
1962 BR Green - rebuilt to 25kv/6.25kv (end motor coach)
BR Rail Blue
BR Blue / Grey
Network SouthEast
West Yorkshire Metro Red (Leeds-Doncaster services)


4-car units £20.00 - 3D Printed Cab ends can be ordered from N-Train