Southern and DC Electric Multiple Unit Conversion Packs

Full colour, pre-cut, self-adhesive bodyside vinyl overlays. Just strip the bodyshell of its original finish, peel and stick!

The finest and easiest way to create the ultimate Southern EMU for your N Gauge layout.

Many thanks to Oliver Abbott, Chris Parker and Sean Healy for allowing me to use their superbly-finished models for this website.

Scroll down the list and click on the train image for full details


Class 414 2-HAP 2-Car Unit

Class 415/1 and 415/4 Bulleid-Design 4-EPB - Coming Soon


Class 416/2 and 416/3 Bulleid Design 2-EPB - Coming Soon





Class 419 MLV Single Unit


Class 421 4-CIG 4-Car EMU

Class 423 4-VEP 4-Car EMU

Class 430 4-REP 4-Car Unit

Class 430 4-REP

Class 442 "Wessex Electric" 5-Car Unit

Class 450 Siemens Desiro 4-Car Unit


Class 456 2-Car Unit






489 GLV

Class 438 / 491 4-TC 4-Car Trailer Set

Class 438 / 491

Class 501 3-Car Unit


Class 504 Manchester-Bury 2-Car unit coming soon



Don't forget we also produce the Class 205 and 207 "Thumper" DEMUs!