Loco-Hauled Train Packs

Mark 1 Train Packs

Sealink Boat Train - 4 Coaches - £20.00

West Highland Line - 4 Coaches - £20.00

Pilkington Special K - Green / Orange Mk1 Charter Rake, including roof markings - £40.00

1977 Royal Train - 9 Coaches of Mk1, 2 and 3 - £40.00


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Mark 2 a/b/c Train packs


Mark 2d/e/f Train packs

Northern Belle - £50.00

Northern Belle

"Northern Belle" on the "Cragmill" layout of the Chester Area Group of the N Gauge Society. Model by Ian Coe

Mark 2 BSO (with modified hopper windows) and FO "Alnwick"

Add a touch of class to your layout, with the Northern Belle luxury Pullman dining train. Ideal haulage for your Dapol Class 67 but since 2011, this train is now hauled by DRS-operated Class 47s, including 47790 and 48832 in matching Northern Belle livery. Vinyls for these 47s are also now available.

Probably the most detailed train pack that Electra has produced, each coach being individually numbered and named with intricate lining and modified windows.

Mark 2E FO "Alnwick" - note the intricate lining and Pullman Crest

Mark 1 Kitchen Car 1566

Mark 1 Kitchen Cars

1566, 1953, 325 "Duart"

Mark 2 Open First

3267 "Belvoir", 3273 "Harlech", 3273, "Alnwick", 3182 "Warwick", 3174 "Glamis", 3247 "Chatsworth", 17167 (BFO)

Mark 3 Sleeper

10729 "Crewe", 10734 "Balmoral"


You can also buy the coaches individually or in smaller numbers if your platforms aren't quite long enough!

Mark 3 Train Packs

DB Schenker / EWS Management Train Pack

EWS Management Train with Dapol Class 67 and DVT. Built and photographed by Graham Evans.

Many thanks for the photo, Graham!

Consisting of Mark 3 Sleeper, Open First and RFM in Maroon Livery - £16.00

Just what you need to go with Dapol's superb matching Class 67 and DVT train pack.

Now available with DB Schenker Branding! Include the DVT 82146 with DB Logos for £16.00

Royal Train Pack - Nine Coaches - £40.00

Consisting of 7x Mark 3 Royal Saloons and 2x Mk 2b Couchette Coaches:

Full details here

Network Rail New Measurement Train

5 Coach conversion pack available for just £25.00

Class 43 Power Cars Network Rail vinyls are now available, featuring numbers 43014 and 43062 "John Armitt"

Or buy the coaches and power car vinyls for £30.00

Chiltern Mark 3 Coach Pack

For those modelling the current scene, we now have a 5-coach set of vinyls to convert the Graham Farish Mk3s into the new Chiltern Mainline liveried sets, used with Class 67s and DVTs. These are ex-Wrexham and Shropshire coaches and can be used with the Dapol W&S 67 and DVT. From 2015, DRS are supplying Class 68 traction, which will soon be available from Dapol.

The set consists of 4 Mk3 TSOs, labeled coach E-B, with correct Wi-Fi and Quiet Coach branding where appropriate and RFM with Business Zone Branding. This set is now available with revised artwork showing the correct power doors with their distinctive triangular windows.

Designed for the Graham Farish Mk3


First Great Western Night Riveria Sleeper

For the first time, it is now possible to produce an accurate of the revamped First Great Western "Night Riveria" service from London to Penzance, with all the different Mark 3 coaches types now reproduced. Normally hauled by Class 57/6 diesels, occasionally Class 47s or even HST power cars have been known to assist.

Pack 1: 4x Mark III Sleeper - £20.00

Pack 2: BFO, TSO and RFM - £16.00

These sets are also now available in the new GWR Green livery.

Or buy both for £30.00

First Scotrail Scotrail Caledonian Sleeper

Deerstalker Express: 2x MkIII Sleeper, 2xMkII RLO and 1xMkII BuO - £ 25.00

This allows an accurate representation of the Edinburgh - Fort William portion of the Caledonian Sleeper from London. Ideal for haulage by a Graham Farish EWS Class 37/4 or the new Dapol Class 67.

Now also available in the new 2015 Dark Teal livery.

Scotrail Express

A faithful re-creation of the Edinburgh - Glasgow push-pull Mk3 set, consisting of four Open Standards, one Open Composite and a Mark 2f DBSO - £25.00